Book 2 on its way

The first article I ever got published, in SAIL magazine, twenty-one years ago, hangs framed on my office wall. I’ve gotten somewhat used to it since then, but it’s still one of the most satisfying things I know, to sign a contract with a publisher. I will admit that it was also nice, with those trade magazines, to get a check in the mail to go with that, which does not happen with academic publishing, unfortunately. Still, I’m sincerely happy to report that I signed a contract for Book 2 on the date above. Based on the publisher’s standard guidelines, I assume it will come out next spring (2023); I will update this page when I find out something more definite, along with other details about the publication.

As far as I know, the manuscript they have is the manuscript they’re going to publish; we are working to finalize the images now.

For any of you reading this who supported this project, thank you. That support has now come to fruition.

I am waiting to hear from three grant apps now; two individual, one group. I should hear on one this month (July), and the other two in December. Meanwhile, I’m working on an article about an American snow on an Atlantic voyage from Delaware to Ireland, and then to the Caribbean during the Napoleonic Wars, where an attempted slaving trip ran afoul of the Royal Navy’s hunters.

More soon.

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