Book 2 update, new article, leeway

As of early October (I’m writing this on the 26th), Book 2 is in production at Boydell & Brewer. I expect to get proofs from them in the next few weeks, to which I’ll add a paginated index (I’ve already prepared the headings). I still expect it to come out early next year; of course I’ll post a release date when I have one.

My fortnightly short-essay series, Leeway, is now in its fifth month on Substack. If you aren’t subscribed and want to take a look, you can do that here.

Nick Burningham’s and my contribution to a discussion begun in the inaugural issues of the Mariner’s Mirror over a century ago was published online today. It will come out in the print version presently. We present what we consider convincing evidence on the development of common sailing rigs of the eighteenth-century Atlantic, and argue for a link between technological choice in naval and merchant vessels based on merchants’ perceptions of security and prestige. If you want to read it, you can try this link; we have a limited number of “passes through the paywall” from the publisher. If this doesn’t work, and you still want to read it, let me know and I will get on it.

Limited-number online “copies” link here

Standard link here

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